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I think God hid my keys from me.

February 9, 2012

Today, I experienced a little microcosm of what God sometimes does in my life.

I had a meeting at 7:30. Wanted to get dinner on the way, so needed to leave my house at 6:45 on the dot. It’s 6:42; I’ve got on my coat and scarf and gloves. Can’t find my keys. Look everywhere. Upstairs, downstairs, empty the bag, check the bathroom (why would they be in the bathroom???), under the bed….no luck. Hollie got home just time to give me the spare. I’d miss dinner, and I’d have to walk quickly, which wouldn’t be easy because of two very sore quads. Flustered and stressed and hungry, I finally got outside. And it was snowing. And it was perfect. If I’d tried, I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself smiling. The stress, the annoyance… gone within the minute.

Later, because I missed dinner, I called into Sainsbury’s to find sustenance. Teacakes and grapes. After a walk through the snow, complete with snowball fight, I toasted a teacake, washed the grapes, and enjoyed my little supper far more than the Subway sandwich I would’ve had if I didn’t lose my keys (keys which I found stuck to the bottom of my laptop within about 3 minutes of getting into my room).

I think God hid my keys from me.

He hid them so I could experience, first hand, the magical stress-relieving power of falling snow. He hid them so I wouldn’t eat Subway, so I’d eat something better.

I’d like to update the blog soon about my last 3+ months or so, but that’s sort of the gist of it:  God orchestrating things, me being stressed about it, and then coming to realise that, actually, it’s best when he’s in control.

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  1. Bridget Richard permalink
    February 9, 2012 8:50 pm

    Love this post Michelle!! It’s so hard to know that God knows best even when we experience problems!!

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